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Welcome to Perimeter Investigations.  If you need a Licensed Private Investigator in Atlanta Georgia for a domestic related investigation you have come to the right place.  We are generally considered Atlanta's Number 1 detective agency when the case revolves around a cheating spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or a child custody matter.  Why is this?  Simple- it's all we do.  We have 19 years in the business of only working domestic investigations with close to 500 cases annually, it's really hard not to be considered the "Go-To" Atlanta investigator.  With the amount of cases we are working, we pretty much have a Board Licensed Investigator in any part throughout the Atlanta Metro area at any time of the day.  This equates to an extremely fast response rate, as well as a quick case closure rate, and that is a win-win!  If experience and solving the cases fast are not enough, then couple it to the fact our fees are half of most other investigators, and we do an industry unheard of NO UP FRONT RETAINER.  No other agency in town provides the service we can as a result of our size and personnel. 



"So I have never done anything like this before"


Many times it's mentioned by someone who calls us for the first time " I don't even know what to say as I have never called a detective before"  No need to worry, as we have been doing this for many many moons, and can easily walk you through the process. 


It's really not too much different then swinging by you local coffee house for a cup of joe...you tell them what you would like, and they in turn serve it up piping hot!


Obviously we realize a domestic investigation is a little different then ordering coffee, but as example the process is similar.  We shall have a very relaxed conversation where you provide us an idea of what has been going on, some thoughts on how you feel we can help, and we in return will provide you a few idea's in which we could move forward to obtain your desired wants or needs. 


How does the ole' saying go?  ...As easy as 1, 2, 3!  Call now for an easy and always free consultation.


Friendly Licensed Detectives are standing by to discuss your specific needs.

Investigators have passed a standard of ethics prior to becoming a part of our team. Confidentiality is a top priority.

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